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Keynote Speaker

Philipp Schmitt

The Chair Project: Generative Models as Automatism

The Surrealist artists of the 20th century used a range of generative art making techniques called automatisms to stimulate their imagination. In this talk I will present a case study for using generative models as automatisms to co-design a series of objects with AI. Then, remembering a time when 128x128px GAN images seemed crisp, I will try to contextualize the frenzy of recent innovations in generative models.


Philipp Schmitt (he/him; b. 1993, Germany) is an artist and designer based in Brooklyn, USA.

His creative practice engages with the philosophical, poetic, and political dimensions of computation. Philipp's work has been exhibited at The Photographers' Gallery London, Philadelphia Museum of Art, MAK Vienna, Science Gallery Dublin, Link Art Center, and Triennale Milano. He is the recipient of a 2019-21 Berggruen Institute fellowship and was an Affiliate with metaLAB at Harvard.

Workshop Program

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Workshop proceedings have been published in CEUR:

Time Activity
6am AEDT
3/26 7pm UTC
3/26 3pm UTC-4
3/26 12pm UTC-7


Opening remarks from Mary Lou Maher

6:10am AEDT
3/26 7:10pm UTC
3/26 3:10pm UTC-4
3/26 12:10pm UTC-7

Breakout Rooms: Icebreaker Activity

6:15am AEDT
3/26 7:15pm UTC
3/26 3:15pm UTC-4
3/26 12:15pm UTC-7

Keynote: Philipp Schmitt — The Chair Project: Generative Models as Automatism

Introduction by Hendrik Strobelt

7:15am AEDT
3/26 8:15pm UTC
3/26 4:15pm UTC-4
3/26 1:15pm UTC-7

Session 1: Exploring Interaction with Generative AI

Chair: Lydia Chilton

8:15am AEDT
3/26 9:15pm UTC
3/26 5:15pm UTC-4
3/26 2:15pm UTC-7

Breakout Rooms: Discussion Activity

8:30am AEDT
3/26 9:30pm UTC
3/26 5:30pm UTC-4
3/26 2:30pm UTC-7

Session 2: Research and Design Issues in Human-AI Interaction

Chair: Werner Geyer

9:30am AEDT
3/26 10:30pm UTC
3/26 6:30pm UTC-4
3/26 3:30pm UTC-7

Panel Discussion: The Implications of Large Language Models on Human-AI Co-Creativity

Moderated by Justin Weisz

Panelists: Katy Gero, Kaz Grace, and Jeba Rezwani

9:55am AEDT
3/26 10:55pm UTC
3/26 6:55pm UTC-4
3/26 3:55pm UTC-7

Closing Remarks

Mary Lou Maher

10am AEDT
3/26 11pm UTC
3/26 7pm UTC-4
3/26 4pm UTC-7

Workshop End

Workshop Recording